We are looking for advanced screenwriters, playwrights, or television writers to read, review, and give constructive feedback on works in progress and completed scripts in Manhattan.

Please do not submit an application if you are not serious about improving your writing and are unable to commit the time to an intensive twelve-week writing workshop. Please check your availability prior to submitting an application. If interested in applying for a seat in our workshop, please read the following information before contacting us.

In applying to this genre workshop, applicants understand that it is not an instructor-led writing class for learning craft. Our workshops are designed for a final or next to final polish of advanced-drafts of screenplays, stage plays, musicals, and documentaries prior to submitting to contests, agents, production companies, theatres, or streaming services.

The two-part application consists of a properly formatted script sample (fifteen page minimum, thirty page maximum) which represents your best work as an RTF, Final Draft, or Adobe Acrobat attachment.

Interested screenwriters or playwrights must have completed at least (2) advanced-draft unpublished and unproduced feature screenplays or advanced-draft unpublished and unproduced three-act stage plays or musicals, and at least (2) advanced-draft unpublished and unproduced film shorts or documentaries. Television writers must have completed at least (4) advanced-draft 30-minute or one-hour episodes to qualify for the yearly fall or winter workshop.

    1. Who are you? Please provide a personal and/or professional biography, including age, and tell us about your creative writing background.
    2. What are your professional goals as a writer?
    3. Have you been a member of a writing group before? If so, list elements that worked and which areas that could have been improved?
    4. What are your realistic expectations in applying to a writers' workshop?
    5. How would you handle a harsh critique?
    6. Does your current schedule include time to commit to a weekly workshop for a period of nine or twelve weeks?
    7. Please list several screenwriters, playwrights, or television writers (women and men from diverse cultures) whose work has been important to you as a reader and your growth as a writer.

Please be as creative as possible! E-mail completed application to

We appreciate your interest and application. Potential membership happens in three stages: application/writing sample, a two-way virtual personal interview with the moderator, and an audit session with current workshop members. We apologize in advance for not being able to respond to all applicants.

*Morningside Writers Workshops are $300 per nine-week session, discounted until the end of the pandemic. The regular workshop session is twelve weeks and cost $400. The Fall 2024 workshop session is September 9th - November 4th, 2024 (application deadline is midnight on 08/26/24). We use a non-disclosure agreement and membership bylaws.

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