Morningside Writers Group is a culturally diverse group of creative writers, journalists, and artists based in New York City, however, we're not limited by geography or time zones. We are avid readers, editors, and published writers who challenge each other to write better, reach individual and group goals, and kick each other in the literary pants.

We firmly believe that writers write! Writing is a solitary art.

Walking, sleeping, or having dinner, a writer's mind is always engaged. Family and friends of writers are sometimes apprehensive, especially when a writer's eyes are taking notes of the immediate area and ears are recording conversations.

The writers in the five groups have varied and complementary educational and professional experiences. We do more than talk about the mechanics of writing, we write daily, pushing ourselves to the next level.

If you are an established writer, you will find a welcoming community of peers who will help you improve your craft and engage you in thorough conversations, sometimes intense, on writing and world affairs.

All writing workshops are not the same, and if it turns out one of our workshops isn't what you're looking for to improve your writing then we can perhaps recommend other outlets for you to further develop your writing skills.

Morningside Workshops focus on learning and improving craft with a healthy dose of professional branding and marketing. The gradual result of The Morningside Method ™ is a well-rounded writer who might pursue an MFA, find an agent and build a career as a published writer, produced playwright, optioned screenwriter or working television writer who understands the creative, business and legal components of their career.

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