Morningside Young Adult/Speculative Fiction Workshop is a twelve-week intensive for Young Adult, Speculative, and Science Fiction writers. Members provide constructive feedback to each other before submitting their work to agents and publishers. Our workshops also include the business of writing via synopses, query letters, and professional branding for writers.

We meet weekly on Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m., virtually on Zoom. Each workshop is limited to six writers because it is the best way to ensure that each member's work gets the attention it deserves.

We use a glass booth format which allows for uninterrupted feedback during the workshop. It also forces everyone to listen to each other and streamline the feedback offered. Our goal is publication.

If you are looking for a creative, nurturing, and supportive environment, we are a click and a virtual workshop away.


We all need someone outside the world we've created to look at our work and ensure others will see on the page what resides in our hearts, rattles around in our heads, and at times paralyzes us from moving forward.


All writers must revise to streamline their storytelling techniques and tell the best possible story. This workshop provides support as well as the discipline necessary to finish and submit your work. We all want a do-over on any given day of our lives. It does get better. It will get better. You are not defined by your past mistakes. You will not be defined by limiting beliefs. Readers can learn from your experiences through your writing.


Publishers are distributing creative works in different formats, and we're on the forefront of this shift in the publishing world's idea of distribution and branding. We're a community of fellow writers, editors and publishing professionals who have traveled a similar journey just outside the expected norm. Join us and share your voice with the world.